by sosh


Yeti Riders is the tale of two modern heroes, ready to risk everything without an hesitation just to safeguard a young shepherdess from the evil plans of a badass yeti, fighting their way through a dreadful army of snow-ninjas, up to the terrifying laser-equipped robotic yeti of death. Oh, and because the girl is very pretty/


making off

The old fashioned way


When Cake Paris's creative director Alban Penicaut approached us with the brief he had for Sosh (a french low-cost phone service provider), he did it with a silly dream in mind. Alban wanted to recreate the old-fashioned, low budget Z-Movies he loved when he was a kid. Of course, it needed Ninjas, explosions, very poorly made models of lovely mountains chalets, a yeti – make it robotic, he said – and a very pretty girl.

Yodog's work wasn't to provide the pretty girl. It was far harder, as we had to find a way to make realistic bad special effects from a 80's crappy movie.

Now, when you're in the 80's, and you don't have that big of a budget, you go to the countryside and you genuinely work on some special effects that you know will be, in the end, pretty bad. You have a 1982 Super-8 Sony borrowed from your uncle, a pink and yellow plastic jacket, and your distant sibling from the future of 2015 will regard your movies as vintage.

But we are not in the eighties anymore. These bad effects had to be done mostly digitally. We spent a lot of time collecting and referencing old VHS tapes to recreate the very specific damage repeated plays do to the analog image. We watched hours of Z-movies to understand how they managed to make so bad compositing. And that goofy robotic yeti is a kid's robot toy, mixed with fur from a $2 pawn shop Shapka and painted plasticine.

Finally, at a test screening, someone said: “where did you dig up this crappy old movie, boys?” - and we knew the work was done./



Client/ Sosh
Agency/ Cake Paris
Directors/ Alban Penicaut, Mathias Lopez
Post production/ Yodog
Starring/ Xavier Bertoni, Kevin Rolland, Roma Charlene Perrier, Nicolas Etienne