Rejuvenate the world


An in-depth look at the new Veolia corporate design chart, built around a neat 8-part book series detailing every little detail of it, and magnified by the dense and colorful illustrations of creative london-based duo Rude (Abi & Rupert Meats). In stop-motion



It's a tough job. You walk in the offices of a big, renowned advertising agency, Havas Worlwide. The building is massive, 12 stories high. The people here are competent, professional, and numerous. And of course, the chairs and desk lamps are worth more than our car. No doubts, big business is happening here.

Fifty of these people have been working for the last year an a half on redesigning Veolia's design perimeter, tone of voice, press visuals, illustrations, web design, etc. Everything that has a Veolia logo is being remade. And Veolia is no small company. They work with 180 000 people in 75 countries, in 16 different languages. They have 20 different brands, 40 corporate websites, and the eight-part new design has to be adapted to 2000 separate formats.


Ok, we don't say all of this to brag. First, because it's the work of those 50 dedicated guys at Havas Worldwide, not ours, but mainly to highlight the real challenge behind this work: how do you make everybody happy? How do you do justice to this work? Sum up 18 months of sweat in a 2 minutes video?

This is one of those jobs where consulting, planning and communication with the creatives are the bulk of work. We chose to center everything on the collection of books, using them to illustrate every part of this massive redesign. All the transitions use Rude illustrations visual codes.