The Journey of Me

a game about you.


The Journey Of Me is the story of a peaceful prince who just wants to stay in his castle; the short adventure of a hero who doesn't want to be played. And ultimately, it's a game about you.

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Created by: Alice Carel, Florian Coppier, Sylvain Murat, Cécile Cazeau, Adrien Bernard
Produced by: Barth Picq, Jonas Kaloustian, Mathieu Chevallier, Cyrille Macé
Production: Yodog
Special Thanks: Adrien Soret, Tim Soret, E-artsup
Music: Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I-IV



So, some of us at Yodog teach classes in a school called E-art Sup. It’s in Paris, and they do quite a bunch of things. Game Design is one example.
Now, in March 2015, the good students of E-art Sup were assigned to create a game for a fictional TV ad campaign, but showcased on the web – but still for TV, you know ? – marketing is crazy these days.

The teams worked long and hard for two months, eventually submitting their creations to a jury.
As student projects go, some were good, some were bad … I'm actually dramatizing, most of them were good. But one game in particular really stood up. This one was ugly. Really ugly. Step-mother ugly. But it was also very, very cool. In fact, we instantly stopped listening to the team's presentation, absorbing in the game like 10 year-old kids.
Now, we like to think that good teachers do not let their students breed ugly ducklings and then set them free. They raise them up to majestic swans. Oh yeah. So something had to be done.

We decided to take the team in-house at Yodog for 5 weeks. Tables, infrastructures, production plannings, daily meetings, a helping hand and a little bit of food, and the protégés did wonders.

We are now very proud to introduce The Journey Of Me.

The Journey Of Me is the story of a hero who just refuses to be played; the short adventure of a good guy who doesn't want to do bad things. And ultimately, it's a game about you.

The game is free and works in a browser. Playtime is around 15 minutes. Enjoy the ugly duckling!  

The Journey Of Me