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It's the rise and fall of a civilization. A flood of infrastructure, technology and human pride. A force of death teaching a valuable lesson to the goddess of life. A thousand years long journey through the depths of interstellar space. And there's atomic bombs.
The Electronic Conspiracy's "ELEKTRA" album available on iTunes.



Vincent Girault and JC Boutin are leading The Electronic Conspiracy, a creative music project combining sensations ranging from sweeping cinematic ambiances to big dance beats, centered on live performance and experimentation.

Two years after their first album, they return with Elektra, their futuristic and progressive new opus. We were given full creative control to translate one of the titles, Supernova, to video. As we usually do, we started by making a huge creative mistake: we wrote something far too ambitious and complex. The rise, fall and rebirth of a civilization, seen through the eyes of a goddess of life. Like, literally. Cities building, war raging, atomic bombs exploding, and so on. Without a blockbuster's budget, of course.

After the initial depression phase, we started wondering how we could realistically tell this story. Now, the best place to look after humans when you're a goddess is probably to actually be on top of them, in space. And if you have that kind of point of view, you probably see something that pretty much looks like Google Earth. So we worked with that.

During a full year, we gathered hundreds of screenshots and video recordings from everywhere on earth. Big industrial harbors, airports, natural parks, middle-oriental cities, etc - Honestly, we now know more about Google Earth than you'll ever will. We then created a big, big bunch of assets to be composited with those screenshots. Planes, choppers, cars, explosions, fog.

Supernova displays about 75 shots, all of them being assembled from 5 to 20 assets. It actually took us over a year, and a lot of cursing.

The final addition to this story was of course the young and beautiful Sarah Ebstein, acting as our goddess and shot in studio by Yodog's production team. The video is out on May 11th 2015.\

 FX breakdown of The Electronic Conspiracy
  FX breakdown of The Electronic Conspiracy