Money Shot

Mustard Pimp & Jimmy Urine

Music video

This is a pretty good band already. Good vibes, loud beats and all. When they partner with a singer who has the guts to call himself Jimmy Urine, it goes from good to f**k that's cool. And when we get to put their title to video, with good old conspirationism, Dante's Inferno engraved masterpieces by Gustave Doré, and bottles of Jack Daniel's... Oh and with a team of kick-ass designers and artists? That's when we drop everything and do our magic. Enjoy the show.

Official Mustard Pimp & Jimmy Urine - Money Shot video clip, animated and Edited by :
Christophe Courty, Valentin Gault, Matthieu Colombel, Cyrille Macé, Barth Picq, Vincent Ben Abdellah, Mathieu Chevallier, Thomas Lecomte, David Locard and Donald Simonet