80 Years AnniversarY

Video mapping

In 2013, Lacoste celebrated its 80th anniversary and launched an event campaign for the occasion. June 21 agency was mandated to come up with a project based on the brand's rich history. The iconic L.12.12 polo was selected to be put forward through a video.
We worked with Ovvo's creative engineers to produce a 1:1 scale bust displaying those 80 years of history. The show was deployed in France during Roland Garros, then in various places around the world.



international deployment



The task was clear. Lacoste L.12.12 polo has been around since 1933. Despite having been through countless versions and colors, it has always been the very same Lacoste polo. We had to find a way to tell this story and show this graphical diversity in a simple yet clear manner.
The show had to be displayed in Roland Garros, and in at least 6 other locations in the world, including China, Japan, Korea and Italy. So we needed something highly versatile and easily transportable.


We love technical challenges. And engineers. So we naturally worked with Ovvo's engineer Shandor Chury to develop a new technology that allowed projection on any 3D volume, independent from the projectors position. That way the show could be deployed in almost any kind of setup, be it a huge, well-lit mall, or a small rooftop corner during a Milanese fashion show.

Three motion designers and two animators were needed to create the video content, and a model maker was tasked with the modeling of five identical, 1:1 polos. Architectural studio Visual Factory then created the environment in which the projection was used.

The whole polo projection show can now be packaged in a 100/50/50 hermetic fly case, including the polo, the media station, the projectors and all needed accessories. Eat here or takeaway?