TV Pilot

Director: Barth Picq
Production: Yodog
Executive producer: Bastien Constant
DOP: Gregory Turbellier
Casting: Audrey Laurent
Performers: Lorna Goïane, Sandra Sainte Rose Franchine, Audrey Hurtis, Marie Calixte Melody, Kyf Ekamé, Toufik Belzedghouni.



There's something really cool about dancing. We don't know what exactly, to be honest, but everybody seems to keep doing it. Every civilization & society, from global empires to ephemeral separatist provinces, has invented some specific brand of booty-shaking.

Inevitably, with all the people that ever lived on our dust speck of a planet, it makes for a lot of different moves. Here, have a tiny excerpt: 

Tango, Ballet, Flamenco, Madison, Polka, Charleston, Jitterbug, Jumpstyle, Fox-Trot, Lap Dance, Locking, Street Dance, Samba, Polonaise, Lambada, Hokey Pokey, Hustle, Freestyle, Melbourne Shuffle, Pavane, Sarabande, Sirtaki, Twerking, Waltz, Zamba, Mazurka, Minuet, Galop, Cheerleading, Beguine, Boogie Woogie, Breakdancing, Cha cha cha, Swing.

The list goes way further. And here's the thing: the art of dance is incredibly rich and diverse, but for some reason, dramatically under-documented. Professional quality videos of some of the dances above are often hard to find, if at all. 

Dancefloor is that. A collection of 3 minutes clips, featuring one dance and its variations. It shows its moves, performers, clothing styles, settings; every tiny bit of culture associated with each of them. It's raw, beautifully rendered, with the right lights and heavy movie cameras.

The aim of Dancefloor is to be exhaustive, but to demonstrate the idea, we produced a pilot episode in 2014, and naturally chose one of the most vibrant example of aforementioned booty-shaking: funk dancing.

We are still willing to do the rest... interested?