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Insurance. Not usually the funniest clients. This time, though, our beloved clients Havas told us: “we need to turn this thing upside down and make it cool somehow, so go ahead and do whatever you want”. “- Alright !”, we said.

Not gonna lie: we didn't believe it.

As always, corporate necessities and legal fears would probably push aside, step by step, any originality we'd had managed to cram in the first script version. In the end, the film would be a very dull, if clean & polished, piece of advertising.

Well, as often, we were wrong.

Klesia wanted its viewership to know more about their recent merger, subsequent rebranding, achievements since then and challenges ahead. We saw it as an adventure. And every good adventure needs a hero. Klesia, as a character, was born. We designed the rest of the script as a tale, visually showing the message through a classic heroic-fantasy imagery. And we sent our first version, thinking “this will not be accepted”. Well it was. As is.

Of course, minor changes were made in the text and figures, but the bulk, idea an passion of our original script is still there – and its rare enough to be noted. Have a look at the video above or head below to get details about the projects technicalities.



As always, we started with a validated script. The text was pretty serious, but we wanted to illustrate it in a very goofy manner, referencing old Tex Avery and Hanna & Barbera cartoons.
We called artistic director and illustrator Art Grootfontein, who designed the characters and environments.

Once we got the storyboard green-lighted, our team animated the movie over a month.

Finally, the piece only needed music, sound FX and voice. Talented composer Vincent Girault and also-talented SFX designer Antoine Eole took care of the former, and the latter was brilliantly narrated by the incredible Benoit Allemane.


Agency: Havas
Production: Jean François Rimoux
Direction: Mathieu Chevallier / Cyrille Macé
Screenplay: Barth Picq / Lucie Munsch / Eric Colin
Art Direction: Art Grootfontein / Sébastien D'Abrigeon / Noé Bimboes
Music: Vincent Girault / Eric Simonet
Mastering: Rémy Deliers
Sound FX: Antoine Eole
Voice: Benoît Allemane