This is the part where we define our vision, explain with cool marketing words why you should work with us, talk about strategy, ideas, products, your future, etc. We've actually done that for years - successfully. “Creative-driven agency”, “Your ideas are our inspiration”. You've probably heard that a million times. So let's put the marketing bullshit aside and tell you how we usually do things.

Yodog is about to enter its fifth year. We have worked on a lot of said 'things' - about 210 different projects. We now realize each and every one of them has been different. The vibe, the budget, the planning, the art direction, the photography, the venue, etc. All these parameters makes it hard, if not impossible, to industrialize the production process. So we don't. We craft. We admit that no movie, no event, no website will look like the last, and we create a new, different team, for each of them. We think of new ways to convey ideas, to tell stories. And we actually love it.

Over the years, it lead us to work with dozens of passionate and talented directors, artists, engineers, writers. They became our network. From time to time, we call them and say “hey, there's this project, it's something you're good at, wanna work with us?” and they assemble. It's a shape-shifting circle of craftsmen like us, growing and shrinking with our activity. And we actually love them too.

We could go on an on about this big family of ours, but instead, we'll simply let you put us to the test: shoot us an email at and meet the team.




A yodog has many definitions but there are two main meanings for the term :
1. Someone who thinks highly of themselves even though they are a loser. 
2. A showoff. Those people who just piss you off because everything they do is better then you in some way.

Original Yodog by  Vincent Ben Abdellah

Original Yodog by Vincent Ben Abdellah


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Cyrille Macé CEO

Cyrille Macé

Mathieu Chevallier creative director

Mathieu Chevallier
creative director

Barth Picq producer

Barth Picq